Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

BlackBarn is in the Garage!

Birch-Green, Ulf and i brought Miss Pepitant to the wintergarage for reworking her engine or for a faster engine? :-)
also we have to change some other parts to be ready for the next season!

after that we rescue the next project. a black ragtop bug which was stored since 10 years. it was a hard job. no front axel and no rolling tire at the back.
six arms full of power and the winch did the job :-)

first impression

impression of parts :-)

it´s not a fake.
we found the engine under some straw.
i love this picture!

on the road to his new home

first carwash-stop since 10 years :-)

and rust is not a crime

Miss Pepitant

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