Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

BlackBarn is in the Garage!

Birch-Green, Ulf and i brought Miss Pepitant to the wintergarage for reworking her engine or for a faster engine? :-)
also we have to change some other parts to be ready for the next season!

after that we rescue the next project. a black ragtop bug which was stored since 10 years. it was a hard job. no front axel and no rolling tire at the back.
six arms full of power and the winch did the job :-)

first impression

impression of parts :-)

it´s not a fake.
we found the engine under some straw.
i love this picture!

on the road to his new home

first carwash-stop since 10 years :-)

and rust is not a crime

Miss Pepitant

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Project - Overview for the Season 2010

1967 Type 3 in seasand color with red Interior and red Dashboard called Miss Pepitant

1960 Type 1 in turquoise color with turquoise Interior called The LadyBug

1960 ragtop Type 1 in black color with red Interior called The BlackBarn

Have fun

Miss Pepitant

Barnfind near Vienna

Today we (birchgreen and i) found a black 1960 ragtop bug.
second project for the next year.

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

New Project ???

Project for the next Summer.
build in 1960
rare turquoise Interior

Some rust but perfect patina

More infos soon

have a nice day

yours miss pepitant

Montag, 21. September 2009

somewhere in Upper Austria

My Brother and I made a quick fotoshooting at the Harbor of Linz with Miss Pepitant.

Look and enjoy.

thanks to my brother uli, really a good job.
If you have also a cool car, a good location than feel free to contact my brother.
you can find more infos under

maybe we can arrange a big shooting with more cars in summer?
If you are interesed send my a mail under

have a nice day

yours miss pepitant

first official photos from "redsquaredash"

today i made the first picture from the redsquarefaker after some rework on the body.
was a long trip the fix all the demage on "miss pepitant"
we also change from the empi sprintstar to the 2 liter fuchs
with 155/15 and 205/65/70
which are realy sexy on the squareback.

and now miss pepitant and i are happy to be back on the road.

have a nice day

eure miss pepitant

one day more and miss pepitant is back on the road

only a short report from our work today

we start the finish tomorrow and i hope we can do the first drive on the road

have a nice day

eure miss pepitant

(sorry for the bad quality of my cellphone-photo)

the end is near :-)

today i finish the weldingparty and start the rebuild

have a nice day

eure miss pepitant

on one day again with miss pepitant

cutting the new front for miss pepitant